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La Dorlote offers puppy training beginning at two months,
to learn manners, self-control and good behavior.

We also offer adult dog training, counsel on how to live happily
with your companion, and owner training.


The guiding principle of our approach is to respect the physical and psychological integrity of your pet. As part of this respect, we ask that you be present while we work so you understand our approach and can reinforce the training after we leave.

Our general approach consists of the following steps:

  • First, we analyze the overall situation to understand points of friction so we can identify areas for improvement in relationship and behavior.
  • We then work on the points identified and help your dog learn signs and commands that he or she ignores or misunderstands. This helps improve communication, which in turns improves the relationship between dog and owner.
  • Finally, we provide advice intended to clarify the hierarchical status of you and your dog. You, the owner - who must absolutely be the pack leader - will learn to control the relationship without striking or yelling at your dog. You will clearly understand how to provide the structure and assurance desired by both you and your pet.

With our help, you and your dog will develop a healthy, stable, and loving relationship.

Puppy training:

La Dorlote propose une ├ęcole de chiot

Socialization is the determining factor in the healthy development and social equilibrium of your puppy, and allows him to get along with his canine peers and humans alike. Proper socialization can often be more complex than it may seem, and the help of an expert can be invaluable.

There are far too many puppies who don't understand the rules - through no fault of their own. This results in communication problems which will deteriorate the relationship over time. With our help in early development, you will better understand how to communicate with your puppy and develop a solid relationship built on mutual respect.


Obedience problems with your dog?

Solutions exist!

With our help, you will soon be able to have your dog obey.

In just a few sessions using our approach tailored to you and your dog, you will see the relationship improve.

Our professional training and experience are at your disposition to help improve daily life for both you and your pet.

Don't hesitate to contact us to describe your situation.


We offer different plans tailored specifically to your situation.
Contact us to describe your particular issue so we can provide you with a personalized estimate.